HRP / Body Bags 5 & 10 pack

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Heavy Duty Center Zipper, 6 easy-grip Handles,a transparent label bag. It is zipper makes that its easier and convenient to slip in a body. Anti-odor, cold resistant:-25, waterproof.

Description:                                   HRP/BODY BAG

This HRP ( Human Remains Pouch), Body Bag or Cadaver Pouch, has been developed with a Heavy Duty Center Zipper, 6 easy-grip Handles, a transparent label bag. It's zipper makes that its easier and convenient to slip in a body.


•  High strength (450 lb capacity).

•  Heat-welded, leak-proof seams.

•  Leak-proof 20 mil 18 oz pvc coated polyester.

•  Reinforced perimeter for extra strength.

•  6 handles for easy handling.

•  Plastic Zipper size 10, tension-Resistant.

•  Pollution free, non-toxic and tasteless.

•  Transparent label bag.

•  Anti-corrosion, anti-odor, anti-leakage, isolation and protective body bags.

•  Wear-resistant, windproof and waterproof.


•  PVC 0.3mm thickness 3 layers of thickened waterproof and leak-proof.

•  Medical standard 60g non-woven fabric for the outer layer.

•  30g non-woven fabric for the middle layer.

•  Low-density high-pressure polyethylene material (LLDPE) for the inner layer.


10 Pcs /Box

Box Size:


Box Weight

40 Lbs.

Technical Data
Size: 36" X 86"
Handles:  6
Zipper type: Heavy duty
Zipper location: Center
Capacity: 450 lbs.
Outer Layer Material:  60g Non-woven fabric
Middle Layer Material: 30g Non-woven fabric
Inner Layer Material : Low-density high-pressure polyethylene material (LLDPE)
Tempeature Resistance: -25* Fahrenheit

Shelf Life:

2 Years

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