CO2 Regulator

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Regulator can be specially used in grow rooms, grow tents, green houses, aquariums, and other places. CO2 is essential to photosynthesis and is often the most overlooked element limiting plant growing. Growing plants with hydroponics requires up to 5 times the amount of CO2 than naturally occurs in the air. PATENT PENDING.
           CO2 REGULATOR

Ideal addition for your indoor grow room, grow tents, hydroponics or green houses to enhance the amount of carbon dioxide to the growing environment and speed up growth rates and yields by up to 40%. 

Fertilizing the air with CO2 will shorten your growing time and double your harvest yiedl if done correctly. 




Long lasting durable brass components  

1.58" High Pressure gaurge: 0-4000 PSI.

Flowmeter: 0-15 SCFH.    

Inlet connection:  cga-320









Flow gauge

Industrial selenoid valve

5.23 meters/ 17.16 ft plasting dispensing tubing

USA standard 3-prong plug( suit for 4.2 mm inside diameter hose)


 Product Details:    
 Company Name: Innovative Tool and Design, Inc.  
 Part Number: INNO-C02Reg  
UPC: 850020052943  
Color: Brass   
Package size: 10.5"L x 7.5"W x 5"H  
Package weight: 2.10 Lbs.  
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