Lighting Control CHL-Pro

products.sku: INNO-LGTCTRL2
Light controller hydroponics, grow room indoor, grow fan controller.


 This Light Controller is a dual channel. Each of the controller's two channels can control up to 40 fixtures or ballast . It is possible to use those channels to control fixtures in two completely independent rooms, or to control up to 80 fixtures in one room.

With an External Contact Module (ECM) auxiliary equipment can be controlled.  Upto two ECMs can be connected.  An alarm can be connected go off at temperature shutdown or power outage.  ( Sold Separately)



Controller dimensions (LxWxH)  4.33 x 2.55 x 0.82 in.   /      110 x 21 x 65 mm.
Weight  4 oz.                          /       115 gms.
Power supply

Adapter: 100v-240V AC 50/60Hz 

             15DC (1000mA)

Maximum control voltage 11.5V
Maximum voltage/ current alarm contacts (NO/NC) 13.5V/50mA
Maximum cable length per port

328ft/ 100m.   

820 ft/250m.

Maximum number of ballast per port 40                   250*
Total number of ballasts per controller 80                   500*
  *When using a repeater bus fixture or ballast


 Product details  
 Company:  Innovative Tool and Design, Inc.
Part number:   INNO-LGTCTRL2
 UPC:  850031592568
 Color:  Light gray
 Package size:  3.54 x 5.11 x 9.84 in.
 Package weight:  1.61 Lbs.
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