RED Weed Wacker / Trimmer Expandable cover

products.sku: ITD-RDWWC
Ideal to cover outdoors equipment from the Elements, as water, dust, debris, and more, Specially design, to keep your different type of equipment safe and worth for a longer life and better performance. Compatible Product: Weed Trimmer, String Trimmer, Brushless Cutter, Brush Cutter "CONTACT US FOR WHOLESALES" PATENT PENDING.


Our Trimmer Cover along with other products, we make in our various manufacturing plants are work ready, tested and re-tested until, we are convinced of readiness for customer safe and durable usage.
THEPROTECTOR is Ideal for open trailer transportation, storage, ETC.


-UV Resistant    -Mold resistant                  
-100% Waterproof    - No stetch
-Coated    - Cover/wrap



600D+PVC SIZE:       13"H X 15.5-18"W X 10" D

Product details:

Company name: Innovative Tool and Design, Inc.
Product Description: Trimmer/ weedwacker cover
Part number: ITD-RDWWC
UPC: 850031592001
Quality Certification:  
Color: RED
Package Size: 13" L x 10"W
Weight: 12.2 OZ.


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