Super Cropper Tool -2 PACK-

products.sku: INNO-SPRCRPR
Ideal tool for Harvesting time, to strategically collect flower/buds effectively and without causing permanent and irreversible damage or hurting your plants, Allowing them to keep flowering for longer and healthy seasons. Specifically designed for the task: hard working tool and plant friendly at the same time, to get the job done, without irreversible damaging stems. PATENT PENDING.
Super Cropping Tool



     •   Ergonomic design, to give you comfort while harvesting.

  •  Specialized finish and grip to avoid damaging plants.
  •  Easy to conceal, carrying around and ready for work

Easy to use:

  • Gently crimp/pinch the stem and bend in the desired direction.
  • Make sure that the stem has enough support to stimulate the self repair and growth of the plant.








1 pcs / pack

Individual Size:

8.25 x 3.5 x 0.75 in.

Individual Weight:

 4 Oz.

Product Details:


Company Name: Innovative Tool and Design Inc.  
Product Description:  Super Cropping Tool
Part Number:                INNO-SPRCRPR
UPC:  850020052578
Quality Certification:  
Color: White and blue
Package Size:  in.
Weight:   Lbs.
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